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Our free Senior Services
Get help with CDPAP home care, day care and Medicaid.
If you need home care for yourself or a loved one and you don’t know where to start or may be
wondering about it, SMS Inc has free resources to help seniors seeking long term care under
sms inc can make preparations for seniors who have already got medicaid or medicare, to helping with medicaid applications, and private pay domestic care day care. anything your desires, we are committed to supporting you to strategies your care as fast as viable.

The following are some of  our free assisting services:

● CDPAP – Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
● Home Care service for seniors with Medicaid
● Home Care service for seniors with Medicare
● Medicaid Applications
● Medicaid Pending Home Care Arrangements
● Resolve Medicaid issues
● Long-Term Care Insurance Claims
● Veterans Benefits – Aid and Attend
● Care service by private pay


CDPAP – Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program:
the patron directed private help program (cdpap) is a medicaid application that
allows customers to recruit and hire a caregiver of their desire. caregivers do not require a
unique license or certification, and may include pals and most family members. we can help
you with enrolling in cdpap. to research extra, see: cdpap – purchaser directed private
assistance program.

Domestic care service for seniors with medicaid:
the manner for acquiring home care offerings for people who have medicaid or are twin-eligible
(which means they have each medicare and medicaid) has grow to be greater puzzling. you want to
join into a managed long-time period care (mltc) plan however don’t recognise how. perhaps you are
already with a mltc plan however are not receiving appropriate care. or, maybe you clearly want domestic
care and don’t recognize where to start. sms allow you to navigate the medicaid home care machine to get you the care you want quick and efficaciously. provide us a call nowadays and we can explain the method.

Domestic care provider for patients with medicare:
when you have medicare (or controlled medicare – also called medicare benefit) and want
domestic care, we will assist you with acquiring care included by way of insurance. these offerings tend to be
constrained each in terms of the quantity of offerings furnished and their duration. however, they are able to
be useful for someone who desires help adjusting at domestic after a hospitalization or stay in a rehab. moreover, they are able to assist bridge the ready period for a person who needs lengthy-term
home care and is working on a medicaid application as well as offer some financial alleviation for
patients that are paying privately for home care.

Medicaid packages:
the medicaid software technique to get hold of home care can be both perplexing. sms will
simplify the technique for you convenient. in case you answer a few questions and publish for an
evaluation for fast end result on whether you qualify or what you may need to do to qualify.
and sure, the help certainly is unfastened.
not sure if you’re equipped to apply? ask for one among our starter packets. a case worker will be
satisfied to mail (or email) you a packet chock-full of statistics about making use of for medicaid.

Medicaid pending home care preparations:
if you want home care right now, you may need see if you could acquire offerings medicaid
pending. which means that an company could offer you with medicaid degree home care services
whilst your application is being processed. eligibility for medicaid pending services is determined on a case-by way of-case foundation, and no longer everybody who qualifies for medicaid can be approved for medicaid pending. that being stated, in many instances it is able to be a actual lifesaver. we have efficiently organized medicaid pending home care services for plenty customers. in case you
would like to acquire medicaid pending services, deliver us a call to see if we will help.

Clear up medicaid problems:
so that you have medicaid, however you are having problem using it to get entry to the care you need. possibly
you’ve got been told that you have a restrictive code for your medicaid. give us a call. we can be
able to assist you in getting things straightened out.
have you implemented for medicaid however can’t appear to determine out the popularity of your application?
maybe you were rejected however don’t recognize why? give us a name. we can be able to help.

Lengthy-term care insurance claims:
filing a claim with long-time period care insurance may be confusing and intimidating. we allow you to
recognize the method and the important things that you should verify before obtaining domestic
care. additionally, we are able to help with imparting a great deal of the office work the long-term care
coverage would require. once your declare is accepted, we can even handle the billing of your long-
time period care insurance to your ongoing services have to you so preference.

Veterans blessings – resource and attendance:
many veterans are entitled to an resource-and- attendance pension to assist offset the expenses of home
care. we permit you to understand if you qualify for this pension, in addition to whether it makes
experience to pursue it as part of your method to obtain coverage for domestic care.

Private pay home care preparations:
if you are looking to pay privately for home care offerings even as you propose for medicaid. or even
if you are not searching out medicaid coverage and are simply seeking to pay privately for home care.
we can set up personal pay home care offerings. deliver us a call these days for a quote.
help is a phone call away. name us now! 718-395- 5748

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