Enroll in CDPAP

if you like to enroll in CDPAP? Here are few things you should do to cut dawn waiting period and get possible best service immediately.

1. Know Your condition – Depending on your situation, there will be different steps that you must go through to enroll in CDPAP. For example, if you are already receiving home care with a Medicaid plan, you will likely have less steps to go through than someone that has not yet enrolled in a Medicaid plan. A CDPAP consultant here at SMS inc can explain the steps you will need to go through to enroll in CDPAP.

2. Effective Communication – It may sound basic, but good open and honest communication can play a huge role in you getting enrolled in CDPAP faster and without delay. Bed communication can result in missed opportunities to complete your enrollment timely and efficiently.

3. Get Consulted – There is paperwork that needs to be completed by the consumer, personal assistant, and the consumer’s doctor for all CDPAP cases. Be aware of gathering that paperwork from right source.

4. Learn about Deadlines – If you will be enrolling in a Medicaid plan as part of your enrollment, understand the deadlines for enrolling in the plan for the coming month. Communicate with the plan you will be enrolling in about the deadlines for evaluations and paperwork that need to completed for the coming month. Need help? A CDPAP consultant here at SMS inc can explain the details of any related deadlines that may affect your application.

5. Find a reliable Fiscal Intermediary (FI) – Part of the enrollment process requires that you use a Fiscal Intermediary to manage the payroll for your personal assistant(s). Senior Multi Service Inc will help you to find a good Fiscal Intermediary and help you with every step of the CDPAP process.We will be very happy to expertise your case and all our service is free to you.